Non-Vegetarian: Chicken

1.Tandoor Platter (10pcs)

Mixed serve of chicken tikka (3pcs) ,sheekh kabab(3pcs),tandoori chicken (2pcs),lamb cutlets(2pcs)

2.Chicken tikka (4pcs)

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with spices, cream & Yogurt cooked in tandoori served with mint chutney.

3.Chilly chicken

Tender Chicken pieces stir fried in chilli sauce, fresh onion, capsicum, chilli and ginger.

4.Chicken 65

Bite sized marinated chicken pieces dipped in a batter, deep fried and sautéed in special sauce.

5.Tandoori chicken

Whole chicken pieces marinated with ginger, garlic, yoghurt and traditional tandoori spices and cooked in the tandoori Oven.

6.Crispy chicken pakora

One of the versatile Indian dishes, Boneless chicken tenderloins put in spicy batter and deep fried.

7.Chicken Manchuria

Battered Chicken pieces stir fried with red chilli sauce, soya sauce, lemon juice, spring onions, pepper bells and onions.

8.Hariyaali tikka (4pcs)

Diced chicken rubbed with a paste made from blended coriander, mint, and other distinctive flavours and cooked in the tandoori Oven.


1. Seekh Kebab (4Pcs)

Lean mince lamb marinated with aromatic spices & herbs cooked in Tandoor on skewers, served with salad and mint chutney.

2. Lamb Cutlets (2Pcs)

Lamb chops marinated overnight to really let the flavours penetrate and grilled to perfection, Served with salad and mint chutney.

Sea food

1.Chilly Fish (4Pcs)

Fired fish fillets marinated in spices and sautéed with special sauce.

2.Garlic Chilli Prawns

Prawns cooked with capsicum, garlic and onions in homemade chilli sauce.


1.Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese slices marinated with spices, cream & yogurt cooked in tandoor.

2.Chilli Paneer

Stir fried cottage cheese with mixed peppers and onions tossed together in chilli garlic sauce.

3.Veg Manchuria

Mixed Vegetable dumplings sautéed with ginger, garlic, chilli and soya sauce.

4.Gobi Manchuria

Cauliflower florets dipped in special batter and stir fried then sautéed with red chilli sauce, soya sauce, pepper bells and onions.

5.Tandoori Mushroom

Fresh mushroom marinated in spices and herbs cooked in tandoori oven, served with fresh salad and mint chutney.

6.Onion pakora

Thin slices of fresh onion dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried, served crispy

7.Samosa (2pcs)

Homemade golden triangular savoury pastry filled with mouth-watering spiced potatoes, green peas, fresh tempered spices and coriander.

8.Paneer pakora (3Pcs)

cottage cheese slices filled with mint dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried, served with chef’s special sauce.